Headquartered in Central Florida, Startup Media is a marketing & technology company specializing in the creation of fundraising products, affinity and loyalty programs, marketing systems & business applications.

Startup Media designs and develops these unique products by deploying mobile and web technology. Our digital and print media expertise is used to assist clients in creating greater value for their respective ventures.

our identity

socially conscious

We are real people doing amazing things that help to deliver a positive impact to generations of users.

goal driven

A team of personally invested individuals, eager to build concreate relationships that bring value to our clients and the community.

product realization specialists

Capturing consumers' attention by identifying our clients' needs and bringing them to life in compelling ways.

our strategy


Starting with design, we use a goal-oriented process to work with our clients, formulating a plan to meet their expectations.


Taking the plan, we create products developed with our clients' audience in mind.


Finally, we help engage the products with their users, assisting clients to reach their intended goals.

our team

By combining some of today's best and brightest talent, Startup Media's team of creative, development and marketing professionals take pride in working with the latest technology stack to develop socially conscious, business-minded products.


Our creative team excels in print, web, interactive design, brand development, storyboarding and copywriting.


Our development team brings to life the concepts originated during the design phase, using our expertise in UI/UX, iOS, Android, web and back-end development, in creating products for our clients.


Our marketing, sales and business teams combine their talents to deliver results that exceed client expecations, from conception to product realization.


Our team is commited to advancing their skills and learning the latest technologies in order to provide the best service and products for our clients...